At Curly Girl Shop we truly value and support our black community - and we aren’t just saying it, we’re doing it! Every time you shop at Curly Girl Shop, we give back to the Black Community. Our recently launched Curly Girl Foundation has a clear cut goal focused on supporting black community organizations financially and through volunteering our time, on efforts that help develop, enrich and strengthen our community. 

Our foundation is still in its' infancy but currently we are supporting the following initiatives:

  • The breakfast and lunch program that partners with black-owned restaurants to provide children in need with meals through their local schools that will ensure they have a fair advantage during their school day

  • Workshops and programs to assist teens, parents and children who are learning how to take care of their hair and skin - ensuring that they are honouring their magnificent crowns and glorious skin through the process.

  • Mentoring our youth to ensure they are headed in a direction that will lead to a successful adult life

Our foundation is developing at the same time as our business - so as we grow so will our support for the black community. As a black business we feel that if we can’t support our community at the same time as we grow our business, then what’s the point?

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